The know-how of Elyor Group in 3 axes

The establishment of a solar project requires building both technical, administrative, legal and financial.
For each project, Elyor Group works in partnership with leading industry professionals and at the forefront of latest technologies in the fields of green energy to offer technological solutions always more innovative and efficient


Elyor Group supports businesses, farmers and local authorities throughout the development process of a project, from its intention to realization.

Our experience allows us to intervene in the technical, legal, regulatory, economic and financial, such as:

  1. The feasibility study : Control office, urban constraints, architect office, obtaining a building permit, etc.
  2. The legal and administrative procedures : Obtaining KBIS and INSEE deposit TFP with ENEDIS, contract Purchase Obligation (OA) with the incumbent, etc.
  3. The financial analysis : Financial profitability study, proposed solutions in own account (self-financed) or third parties (investor).

In own account or of third parties, the project is developed from conception to connection by Elyor Group.

The energy produced by the solar power plant is sold to EDF through a 20-year contract, which covers the costs of implementation of construction.

  • Own account
    The client invests in its building, greenhouse or solar roof that pays for itself and generates added value through financial contract with the incumbent.
  • Third party account
    The record developed by Elyor Group is presented for funding to investors. A lease is signed before a notary between the client (land owner) and the investor (owner of the solar building). The customer operates the building and becomes the owner at the end of the lease.

Elyor Group offers customized solar solutions tailored to the needs of its customers in search of value-added products.

The solutions proposed by Elyor Group have an installed capacity or 9 to 100 kWp standard building or power greater than 100 kWp for custom projects.

It is :

  • Solar sheds intended for professionals who wish to invest in this type of positive energy building. This is a real plus for professional activity by increasing storage capacity and producing green electricity ;
  • Solar roofs  on agricultural or industrial buildings existing generating additional revenue from the sun. This green and lucrative investment is signed with the incumbent ;
  • Solar greenhouses  : A revolutionary concept with a very specific technology that brings real solutions for maximized energy and agricultural production


The energy technology sector is constantly changing. This perpetual technological innovation associated with the environmental issues of the 21st century, we grow to remain alert to offer ever more tailored and efficient solutions. Elyor Group offers solutions forward-looking.

Solar Farm greenhouses equipped with solar panels with an innovative technology developed by team of experts from the photovoltaic industry. The design of this innovative panel, glass and frameless provides transparency 45%, allowing a production of filtered sunlight. This technology brings unquestionable solutions to increase crop yields, protect crops from weather, extend the production period of the plant and give the opportunity of additional income through the sale of electricity generated by solar panels.

Of shelters Developed with innovative SWA LUXENERGY our partner, builder shelter. Be aware that shelter aims to maintain electrical equipment, inverters, low voltage AC DC table and cabinets, safe from external and climatic stress.

The shelter Elyor by SWA Group, Is at the forefront of technology and innovation to share its strengths :

  • A concept “Plug and Play” for easy installation and connection of shelter the network
  • Articulated arms for fast and secure interventions inverters
  • A constant flow of air through its side vents to ensure proper operation of electrical equipment
  • Technical local galvanized steel for internal maintenance at breast height


The keystone of activities Elyor Group : Its network of technical and financial partners.

Elyor group became a place among the leading companies in the solar industry with its ability to federate professionals, leaders in the renewable energy sector.

In 6 years, Elyor Group has developed relationships partnership with French and European specialists of the entire solar system.

This network of partners consists of architects, builders, certified installers, financiers, manufacturers of solar panels, inverters and shelters. Real experts in their field, these professionals have a solid field experience.

With this synergy of skills, 500 projects are now at the stage of construction and building entirety will be delivered by the end of 2020.